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Laurel Canyon (PRINT)

Laurel Canyon (PRINT)


"Sometimes when I needed a break from everything, I would walk up to a little hiking trail and wind up the grassy hills to the top. This is where I could see all of the houses perched like bird homes in the trees. It made me feel small and I liked that. I would carry coins in a can to scare off coyotes. I wouldn’t wear proper hiking attire. I wore very fancy old dresses made of silk and pointed shoes that made me feel like a mountain goat when I dug my way up to the top. At the bottom of the hill was an old rotting horse carriage. When I was a kid the pillow was still intact on the bench and feathers were falling out of it. I often wondered how it got there, and imagined the ghosts of the people that left the carriage there wandering about, eating cactus flowers. By the time I left to go to Rhode Island, the carriage was almost completely overgrown with stubborn cacti, and the pillow had dissolved." 

This is a limited edition print of "Laurel Canyon" The colors are true to life and printed on beautiful giclee paper! The size is: 10.72 x 13.52 inches. A really fun piece to hang up in your home!

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