Esme Shapiro Illustration

School Visits

Have Esmé Shapiro come visit your school!


    What does a class visit involve?

Esmé plans presentations and activities based on your school/organization's unique interests and needs. For larger groups, Esmé will talk a little bit about what an illustrator and author does, and then read from her books. Afterwards, there is a group discussion about the messages in the books, followed by a drawing activity. Upon request, she can also bring along some materials to make OOKO masks. For older kids, Esmé can talk more in depth about how she became an illustrator, and give a presentation about the book making process. Each presentation is different depending on the school.

Do I have to live in NY?

Esmé Shapiro is based in Brooklyn, New York, and most school visits take place there. However, she spends a lot of time in Los Angeles  Toronto, and Victoria, Canada. If you happen to live in one of those areas, feel free to connect with Esmé about her schedule to see if she will be coming to your city any time soon.

 Do I pay Esmé an honorarium?

An honorarium is very much appreciated for school visits. A price can be worked out depending on your school's budget. However, if your unable to afford to pay an honorarium, free school visits are made on a case by case basis.



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