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Commission a Pet Portrait (1 Pet)

Commission a Pet Portrait (1 Pet)

  • Commission a portrait of your pet! 

All pets are welcome, whether you have a dog, cat, lizard, goldfish, or pet rock. Anything goes! This item is valid for one portrait of one pet.


All portraits are done 12 x 9


All portraits are done with gouache, watercolor, and colored pencil on watercolor paper. 


All pieces are done with a beautiful floral background. Please let me know if you have a specific color or flowers you would like. I try and meet every request! If you are interested in having your pet in a specific scenario, please message me.


Each piece is made with love and care, so it takes about a month for me to make them and ship them out. Please let me know if you need it earlier, and I can try and make your request.


Once you buy the commission, email me with photos of your pet at


Will I own the original piece?

Yes you will! But I reserve the right to use an image of the painting for promotional tools, cards, etc.


Can I have a portrait with both of my pets in it?

Yes you can. If you go back to the commissions section you can click the two pet option.


What if I want to be in the painting with my pet?

If you are interested in being in the portrait with your pet, please email me at and we will work something out just for you!

What if I don't like my portrait?

Each painting is made especially for you and is the artist’s interpretation of your pet. Esme does not do any re-dos of the paintings. We know you will love it but if you are not satisfied with your painting you may request a refund.



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Please allow four weeks for your painting to be made, prepared and shipped out. If you need a rush order, please include the date you need it by and I will try and have it shipped to you by the date you have requested. If I am unable to meet the date you requested, I will message you separately. All items are shipped out on Mondays. Thank you!